afropunk bk: bites&beats, withbee

August 20, 2019

After watching your favorite artist play, or catching your breath after an extreme mosh pit workout, your next move is to probably nourish your body. Our Bites&Beats market is where you’ll find all your dietary options. We interviewed some of our fave eateries that will be at AFROPUNK Brooklyn this year. Get your wallets ready.

What is your name and where are you from?
“withBee” was founded by wife and husband duo F. Binta Diallo and David J. Hamilton III. Binta (“Bee”) was born in Guinea, West Africa, raised in Brooklyn and is an educator by trade. Dave (“with) is an Army war veteran turned comedian by way of Wilmington, DE. At AFROPUNK, we will be celebrating 4 years of marriage!

Describe what you do and what type of cuisine you specialize in?
“withBee” is a dining experience company that specializes in bridging the flavor and traditions of West African and Caribbean cooking with American favorites. We have provided food services and experiences for film sets, weddings, outdoor festivals, dinner parties and other special moments. Additionally, we produce a podcast on iTunes & SoundCloud called “Dinner Discussions withBee” and the web-series, “withBee: the series” on YouTube.

When was your ‘I gotta turn this into a business’ moment?
We had been hosting an annual “Friendsgiving” dinner for our band of misfits — aspiring artists, filmmakers, musicians, day dreamers, new comers to NY — since 2012. Binta would create huge spreads, including her famous homemade cranberry sauce, from scratch. During dinner in 2015, with a plate in hand and working on a mouthful, a friend said, “I’d pay for this!” By June 2016, we decided to go pro and take this show on the road.

Define success.
Binta as a trained educator and David as marketer and entertainer, we were inspired by rich connections and positive effect of sharing great food. Success for withBee is to bring people closer. Success will be to bridge our worlds and expand on our individual realities through the joy of happy eating.

What should fest-goers try on your menu?
Sis….Bruv…you have to try the Lamb Dibi Alloco! You can find it in some restaurants but made a favorite as a West African street food. Grilled lamb served with a heroic, slow-cooked dijon mustard and onion dipping sauce, paired with fried sweet plantains. And if you’re craving a drink that is going to hold you down, grab a “Bissap,” our West African, all natural blend of sorrel.