Lex Allen


sistastrings’ “her name was” will leave you breathless

July 10, 2019
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I admit it: I am totally defenseless against the cello. If we’re ever in a fight and you bust out a sweet cello melody, you will win. Hands down. (I shouldn’t have told you that). So “Her Name Was,” the latest single by the sublime SistaStrings hits the absolute sweet spot. It’s lush emotional indie-pop that totally defies categorization and leaves me breathless.

SistaStrings is composed of the Ross sisters, violinist Chauntee and cellist Monique, whose impressive harmonies hint at neo-soul. Their vocals share the same carefully crafted interplay as their instruments. “Her Name Was” switches between a bubbly pizzicato energy and an almost mournful tone, like the struggle for hope and maturity painted in the song’s lyrics. “Her Name Was” is one of those enigmatic songs you’ll want to listen to on repeat to catch every little nuance and detail.

Stay tuned for the full EP out July 12th.