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#blackcosplayersrock: meet kiera please

July 5, 2019
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At the risk of fangirl’ing all over myself, Kiera Please is one of the most important cosplayers of all the internet. With literally hundreds of imaginative customs and looks paying homage to a gigantic range of comic book, animation, sci-fi/fantasy characters ya girl has re-imagined herself as anyone from Starfire to Doug’s sister Judy to Coraline, Chun Li, Poison Ivy, Storm, and LaCienega Boulevardez. Her nerd game is strong.

Outside of herself, her presence is in the Black Cosplayer community is inspiring for so many Black girls dying to express themselves through cosplay. Even and especially when that means race-bending the character of your choosing. Which, frankly, is some of the most epic types of cosplay out there.

Being the sweet and humble person that she is I know she wouldn’t want me to brag on her this much, so I’ll let Kiera, who was kind enough to answer some of our questions, do the talking:

What does it mean to you to be a cosplayer?

To me, it means I’m able to delve into the worlds of shows and become a part of them and appreciate them in my own way. It allows me to interpret my own experiences into a physical project of so many movies and series I love!

In the cosplay community, you’re pretty unmatched when it comes to sheer volume and accuracy of cosplays. How do you find inspiration to keep creating such amazing looks?

Thank you! I don’t think I’m unmatched but I try my best. Honestly, the inspiration will just hit me at any moment. A character won’t get out of my head or I’ll be watching a show and heavily connect with someone I admire. Then boom, I can’t get them out of my head and I’ll have to cosplay them! Also, a lot of times I’ll also take suggestions from people who follow me, and they come up with characters I’ve completely forgotten.


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💙 Chun Li costest 💙<got to try this from @cosplaysky, ‘kiera10’ 4 a discount> need to get darker tights tho :-/

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What was your first big/elaborate cosplay?

My first big cosplay for me was my Princess Kida cosplay. It was the very first one I created all on my own. Even though it wasn’t perfect it was something I was proud to say I made when I finished. From the makeup to hair to the costume, there was never a dull moment when making the outfit. I was so intensely focused and happy trying to figure out how to make this thing work. I was so shocked at the end result I walked around in the cosplay all day. My family was very confused lmao.


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y’all remember my Princess Kida? I’m thinking about revisiting her and revamping it, yay/nay?

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What do we say to the god of death? #aryastark #gameofthrones #winterfell

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You’re one of the most visible cosplayers and you’re a Black woman…do you consider yourself to be a groundbreaker in that regard?

I personally don’t because there are so many beautiful Black cosplayers! I’ve discovered so many new Black cosplayers that have their different strengths and talents which are groundbreaking in their own right.

What are your favorite fandoms?

I absolutely love adventure time, Game of Thrones, Tokyo Ghoul, one punch man, lol if Spongebob has a fandom I need to join very quickly. Omg Hunter x Hunter, can we talk about the Phantom Troupe arc?

What is your favorite cosplay?

My favorite cosplay is probably Princess Kida [from Atlantis: The Lost Empire], such an underrated film.

How do you choose to re-imagine a fictional character?

I sometimes try to reimagine them for the current era if they’re more nostalgic characters or with a hint of my personal style attached to it to make it more personalized.


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#HappyHalloween 👻 whatcha being for Halloween?

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What are some of your favorite shops or resources for creating your cosplay?

Thrift stores are a must, so many hidden gems that you can restructure or use as a base. You’d also be surprised how many old clothes you can find in your own closet that you can revamp! Amazon is great for quick pieces you wanna utilize and reasonably priced wigs. Also, or has some amazing costumes ready to order if you’re in a crunch for time.

What advice do you have for budding cosplayers?

Just start and don’t obsess about the end result or compare your cosplay to others. It’s more about the process than the end result, you can always get better but just try to start!


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happy halloween 🎃 (swipe?)

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