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hbo fantasy starring: thandie, regina and tessa

July 22, 2019
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Comic-Con took over San Diego this weekend and with it came some of the highest anticipated teasers, trailers, and updates for some of the largest fandoms in the world. With biggies like Game of Thrones out of the picture, Warner Bros. and DC skipping out on presenting in Hall H (where the big shit goes down), the weekend was all but Marvel’s to steal. But along the way, HBO gave fans a taste of its upcoming Watchmen series and season 3 of that goddamn Westworld with a pair of trailers.

Set to premiere this October, HBO’s adaptation of Watchmen isn’t a direct interpretation of Alan Moore’s classic graphic novel and instead brings viewers into a different story set in Moore’s original universe with Rorschach serving as the story’s central point. But he’ll have to contend with Regina King’s character, Angela Abar whose delivers an existential speech in the trailer’s open. Louis Gossett Jr. also appears in the trailer as the character of Old Man.

On the flip side, HBO appears to be re-setting season 3 of their much buzzed-about sci-fi/fantasy series, Westworld. Set mainly in, what appears to be, the “real” world, in real-time, our main host characters are trying to blend into their human surroundings. All except for Thandie Newton’s Maeve who we find in a place resembling 1940s Nazi Germany? Chile, who knows, but I’m sure we’re in for another mind-f*ck of a season.