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dj nativesun: an afropunk dj mix

July 26, 2019
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If there’s a reason you can hear how fluidly one of DMV’s favorite native sons, DJ Nativesun, moves from style to style on the mixer and the beats, it’s because he long ago internalized the diversity of local D.C. music culture. Go-go, hip-hop, and soul, punk rock, improvised noise, electronic music from across the world: around Chocolate City and its Maryland and Virginia suburbs, all these sounds live next to and feed one another. DJ Nativesun’s sets are the product of that exchange. And this year, he’s bringing this all-encompassing DMV-gone-global sound — what he calls Future R&Bass — to AFROPUNK Brooklyn.

Ahead of his appearance at Commodore Barry Park, we asked him about his musical style, about the mix and about his thoughts on the rocking the AFROPUNK community.

Can you identify some of the music on the mix? What does the music mean to you or represent for you?

Most of the music on here is pretty high energy, gaging from Club (Jerz/Baltimore), Gqom, UK Funky, Vogue, Techno, Afro House. This Music represents resistance. Resistance against the norms, rebellion music.

How did you first get into DJing, and who are some of your DJing influences?

I grew up around music at an early age. My dad would be digging and spinning records and I always found myself sneaking into his room looking through his collection at the different album covers. I would spend all day talking about music with my friends and one day they suggested I become a DJ. I saved my money up that summer and bought some real shitty equipment, after that, it was no turning back. Some of my biggest influences have been DJs from my area DJs Dee Clark, Underdog, Jahsonic, Sam ‘The Man” Burns.

What are you most looking forward to art AFROPUNK Brooklyn?

Looking forward to seeing thousands of people of color coming together to have a good time.

What does the phrase “We See You” mean to you?

It means the hard work isn’t being ignored. You see the journey and understand the process.

Catch DJ Nativesun at on August 24th, at AFROPUNK Brooklyn