'Keeping It Real'

Solution Sessions

blackness on screen at afropunk solution sessions paris

July 8, 2019

From Spike Lee to Ava DuVernay, Black creatives have a long legacy of telling stories about Blackness on the big screen. But as we know, Blackness is global and we’re thrilled to showcase Black French film and filmmakers at Solution Sessions during AFROPUNK Paris.

AFROPUNK SOLUTION SESSIONS will present its first live Paris installment, featuring conversations around the visibility of Black artists and creatives, beauty standards and perceptions, and working together for the collective good, featuring French and global activists, entrepreneurs and artists. 

We’ll also screen three important films that ask what it means to be both Black and French. 

Two of the films explore a topic that connects us all in our Black identity: hair. ON NE PEUT PLUS RIEN DIRE, is a personal account of artist Néhémie Lemal’s decision to wear her hair natural and its impact of what it means to be Black and French. Johanna Makabi and Adèle Albrespy’s documentary Méduse, Cheveux Afro et Autres Mythes (Medusa, Black Hair and Other Myths) is a global exploration of Blackness and hair from Paris to London, Dakar and back to Marseille. 

And if you’re looking for art that is hella weird and hella Black, we’ve got that too. Malique Lee Moore’s experimental film Keepin It Real is a beautiful exploration of the Black subconscious. 

Our voices are powerful and our stories are beautiful and we deserve to see them lovingly depicted on screen. 

Check out  the entire AFROPUNK SOLUTION SESSIONS Paris lineup.