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afropunk paris: burna boy’s coronation

July 16, 2019
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There were countless special moments at AFROPUNK Paris 2019, and photographer Chris Saunders captured a particularly touching one of mutual adoration, when Burna Boy took the stage. OluwaBurna’s high-energy set had the thousands of people packed into La Seine Musicale dancing, singing along and screaming for him, as he performed hits like “Ye,” “On The Low,” and “Gbona” remarking that this was the first time he had been in France in 12 years.

cowrie crown

Dressed in a stylish — if not summer-appropriate — double-breasted brown tweed suit with a crisp, white tee beneath his jacket and a black bucket hat atop his head, Burna Boy gradually stripped away clothing to reveal the signature abs that matched the signature voice that made the women at AFROPUNK swoon. A particular group of stylish leather-clad women who Saunders had photographed earlier that afternoon got special attention from Burna Boy as he chose a woman from the group with a crown of cowrie shells to serenade.

Image Copyright Chris Saunders (www.chrissaunders.co)

Soaking up all of the vibes and the envy of every other woman in the front row she removed her crown and placed it on Burna Boy’s then hatless head. Burna Boy accepted the adoration and rocked her crown for the remainder of his set, he rocked it backstage, and rocked it as he smoked weed sitting in the van with his entourage along the Seine with his crew afterwards. This wasn’t simply a case of a fan giving an artists something they would casually dispose of when out of sight, it was a memento that represented a special moment and mutual adoration.