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video: the tale of two london punks called bobby

June 13, 2019
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Meeting a London punk named Bobby who makes music with meaning is exciting. Meeting two? Confirmation that there is a God that shreds. This is The Tale of Two Bobby’s:

We first met Bob Vylan at the AFROPUNK London Battle of the Bands in 2018, which they won. The duo’s name alone was a shoe-in for our attention: witty and rebellious. With lyrics that address their new gentrifying neighbors like, “We don’t care about your nine-month journey through South America. We don’t fucking care!” it was hard not to like these two. 

Photos by @jeremyxwatson

After winning the competition, the band went on to play the AFROPUNK London main stage that year. And we’ve kept in touch, supporting the group’s music and interviewing them for the website. But that did not feel like enough — Bob Vylan is the kind of band you have to witness. So in an effort to introduce Bob Vylan to a world that may not be familiar with them yet, we decided to follow them around for a day in their life. They took us to their local hangs, brought us along as they shopped for records, and even let us watch them tattoo themselves. They were kind, passionate, and just themselves.

Collage by @kendrickdaye