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third trans woman found murdered in dallas

June 10, 2019
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As we reported, two weeks ago Black trans woman Muhlaysia Booker was found murdered in Dallas, TX. just a month after being publicly beaten in the street. With her tragic killing still fresh in our minds, another transwoman, Chynal Lindsey, has been found dead in the same city after authorities pulled her body out of White Rock Lake. Lindsey’s death marks the third homicide of Black trans woman in their 20s in Dallas since last October when Brittany White was found in a vehicle with fatal gunshot wounds.

“I think we’re still coping with being shocked, we’re still in our mourning process of just laying to rest Muhlaysia Booker,” said Carmarion Anderson, the executive director of Black Transwomen Inc, a support group in Dallas. “We’re seeing that another young black trans woman has been found murdered, it has alarmed us, we’re scared, I believe that we’re angry, we’re looking for answers, looking for a place of refuge. Our emotions are just pretty much all over the place,” she said.

Trans people make up 0.6 percent of the total US population. With a population size of 1.3 million, roughly 78,000 Dallas residents are trans. Three murders taking place within such a small community is suspicious and cause for alarm.

“You can’t help but hold in the forefront [of your mind], who’s going to be next? Will it be me? Or will it be another one of our black trans sisters? So there’s a lot of fear that’s going on, a lot of anxiety, trying to watch our surroundings.”

Booker was laid to rest last week at Cathedral of Hope in Dallas, a church believed to have the biggest LGBTQ+ congregation in the world.