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the 1865 slam blackface racists in epic new video

June 18, 2019
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The latest video from Mass Appeal-signed punks The 1865 is a major clapback to Blackface culture and white ignorance in the face of oppression. Rebellious as fuck, the punks draw attention to the minstrel culture that helps white folks act like that don’t know any better when it comes to mocking other groups. The aptly titled “Get Out,” directed by Christopher Frierson and John Tashiro and edited by Tashiro, presents a visceral kaleidoscope through history’s ugly record of perpetuating Blackface. We see their chagrined, blubbery smiles hiding behind a veil of hate.

“Comedy is subjective. Racism isn’t. Blackface, for some strange reason, still lives in a grey area where some people feel like blackening your face and brightening up your lips is the cat’s meow. You would think that some people would know better,” bandleader and filmmaker Sacha Jenkins told The FADER. “Many people actually do know better but they do it to push buttons. With that said, modern blackface makes me want to pour a barrel of soiled kitty litter all over an offender. Word to Heathcliff. Don’t test me…”