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what the tarot says about the star power of solange

June 11, 2019
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The sign of Cancer is represented by The Chariot Cancer energy which is water energy — our emotions and intuition. In a complementary way, the Chariot energy is about forward movement, a combination of feeling or thinking, followed by action. As I was pulling the cards, most of Solange’s newest album,When I Get Home was playing. Going over the oracle guidance, from the Sacred Traveler Oracle, she received “Staying Focused, Hold the Course.” The card’s guidance states, “Be clear about where you’re going. Do not compromise. Follow your dreams; you deserve the best. Prioritize your life. Once you decide on a direction, hold the course. Do not veer. Do what’s important, and release the rest. Place your intent and passion on one thing rather than scattering in many different directions, and you will be successful.”

Coming out next from the Archangel Oracle deck is Archangel Raguel, Clairsentience. “Notice your recurring physical and emotional feelings, as they signify Divine guidance.” This is advice that I give often to clients and meditating, journaling or listening to music are all good ways to attune to your intuition and higher self. There was another card which popped out from this deck and it’s Archangel Jeremiel, Overcoming Difficulties. “The worst is now behind you, and you are surmounting any previous challenges.” What a beautiful message from the guides, and Solange’s “Losing You” was playing as I wrote this passage. This may pertain to more recent or past difficulties. Either way, we are coming into a new age, a new way of beginning. How might this translate into the music?The final oracle card coming from the numerology deck is Number Three, Creativity. This is one of my favorite cards and numbers, as it is for many artists, empaths and spiritualists, for obvious reasons. Affirm: “Through playful creative expression, I make my dreams come true.” Like many of us in the general collective currently, Solange may be at a crossroads, and there’s currently a choice or decision that she’s needing to make, or an area of her life where she’s looking to find more balance. One way to do this is to get in touch with your inner-child, and to determine which way your internal wind blows. I think we’ll see a little bit of old, new, and perhaps even some newer Solange this year on the AFROPUNK stage.



Diving into the tarot guidance, the first card out, again potentially representing the past, is Judgement. This may be judgement about ourselves or about others, or it may be others judgement of us. In the end, does it really matter? To me, that’s really the point of this card. No one else has to live with the consequences of our actions or — or lack thereof — except for us. Use judgement wisely.

Next is the two of pentacles. Universal energies can be and are often the same — we experience things differently, and yet in an oddly similar way across the general collective;  the only significant differences typically lie in: 1.) How quickly we move through the energies, and 2.) Our free-will choices as well as that of others. This can create dramatic differences, I know. This card can again represent a choice or decision that Solange is needing to make. It may be more or less external (i.e. do I move here or there?) or less tangible and more internal, such as deciding to reinvent oneself. Perhaps, we’ll all know or see soon.

Lastly, is the page of swords which could represent some sort communication that’s a result of the decision, or in fact that may itself determine or impact any decisions she may be making. As well, this could be deciding to cut out of remove certain people, places or things in an effort to more closely align to one’s higher self and source of ultimate creativity — yourself, your faith and your spirituality. As a final note, notice the synergy and symmetry in the color of the cards. Note that both The Chariot and Judgement contain the same shade of pink as clairsentience. The blue hue in the two of pentacles is oddly similar to that of the Overcoming Difficulties card, and the yellow, the Creativity, is the backbone, the support, underlying any action stemming from the Page of Swords. 

See Solange perform live at AFROPUNK Paris and AFROPUNK Joburg.