Andreas Lawen


scarlxrd rages on “gxing the distance”

June 18, 2019

Like Ghostface Killah before him, the game got real for Scarlxrd when his face got revealed. Having cultivated a rabid fanbase as the UK rap scene’s outlier-in-disguise, by combining the screaming, intense vocal style of heavy metal with the aggression of trap rap, Scarlxrd has come out of hiding and into the spotlight. Now barefaced, with a perfected musical formula, he’s set to release his eighth (!) studio album, IMMXRTALISATIXN in October.

Full of caustic attitude and unbridled rage, Scarlxrd’s latest single “GXING THE DISTANCE” is a sample of what we can expect from the full-length. “Still don’t give a fuck about what anybody thinks/ Really ’bout to blow, you’re gonna miss it if you blink,” he shrieks, forewarning the listener of his inevitable ascent. Only time will tell whether he makes good on the promise but one thing’s for sure, SCARLXRD says everything like he really, really means it.