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do not deprive yourself of kari faux

June 11, 2019
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My first time was last year. I did it in the evening in Atlanta. It was everything they said it would be: surprising, intimate, beautiful, and way too quick. It was charmingly dim with warm lights but I could still see pretty well. To be honest, it was a little awkward at first, weird shuffles while trying to get into the perfect position. The experience was very sweaty and surprisingly crowded. I did not expect such an invested audience but it was actually really comforting. I knew it would be life changing but I did not expect it to be so good or feel so natural. I walked in there a girl, and came out a fan. I hope everyone’s first time seeing Kari Faux is as good as mine.

Kari Faux was the not-so-secret star of AFROPUNK Atlanta last year. Clearly, her audience is plenty— her set was packed and every lyric memorized by fans. I had no doubt her performance would be great as I am a fan of the music, but I did not anticipate such a confident, skilled performer. This is not a slight on Kari — just the opposite. It is not often for an artist so early in their career to do it all (and well). Well, I can confirm that Kari has the bops and the stage presence to match. She is charismatic and she is everyone’s friend. 

I went to Kari’s show at Baby’s All Right in Brooklyn a couple of weeks ago and may I just say: the girl is consistent. It was just as fun, impressive and friendly as the first time. The set of her HELP WANTED tour was her bedroom. Her reasoning? To bring her safe space around the world with her and let us into it. It is hard not to feel like a friend of Kari’s at one of her shows. She connects immediately with the audience — seriously, she has conversations with you while she is on stage. Masked beautifully by her dance moves and vocals, I never would have guessed the energetic performer had a cold during her performance. She had us join her for a mid-set dance break dancing with her “in her bedroom” to “Hollaback Girl.” 

This year Kari Faux will take the AFROPUNK Brooklyn stage. I am confident that if you miss her set you will be mad and you will regret it. If you don’t believe me that’s alright, let the music speak for itself.

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