afropunk exclusive: boston chery remixes jill scott

June 5, 2019
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Over the last couple of years, Brooklyn’s Boston Chery has built a reputation as your girlfriend’s favorite DJ. Chery describes herself as a “purveyor of deep, infectious, dance grooves, good vibes and freedom,” her sets fluidly gravitating between hip-hop and R&B, the Caribbean rhythms of reggae, zouk and kompa, and the disco, Latin and house selections that keeps the parties on its toes.

Boston Chery is also becoming a budding remix queen — just peep her Soundcloud page for all the heat. And to celebrate Boston Chery’s addition to this year’s AFROPUNK Brooklyn line-up, the DJ/producer has graced us with a trio of great Jill Scott remixes. Once a hero to the young artist, Scott is now someone she’s sharing a bill with; and you can hear the dance-floor care that Boston Chery brings to her re-fixes of “A Long Walk” and “He Loves Me”  (originally on Who is Jill Scott?)  and “Golden” (from Beautifully Human).

When we asked Chery what it was that inspired her to do these remixes, this is what she told AFROPUNK: “‘You owe it to yourself to live beautifully.’ What made me want to remix these songs is, of course, being able to DJ at the same festival and day as Jill Scott. I grew up watching her on TV, like Girlfriends and most recently Black Panther, and I remember listening to her music on BET Soul all the time. So it’s an honor. What made me remix these songs is just the feel that each song brings: it’s very happy, feel-good and empowering music, from the lyrics to the instruments. I added a little of my Caribbean twist and House feel to the songs. Creating them, I thought of old Brooklyn, 90s Brooklyn. Excited to share and promote my remixes of these iconic Jill Scott songs.”

Boston Chery and Jill Scott both play at AFROPUNK Brooklyn 2019. Don’t Sleep on it!