british rockers the heavy come out swinging on funky new track

May 10, 2019
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British rockers The Heavy are back with a new single and, oh, does it slap.

A funk-infused groove “Fighting for the Same Thing” thrives on a vintage electro-soul vibe that’s both familiar and updated with contemporary embellishments. Totally listenable, the single is a perfect entry to the band’s discography. Taken from their upcoming album Sons, out May 17, “Fighting for the Same Thing”, while celebratory, is the declaration that progress is only achievable when we all stand together as a unified force.

“‘Fighting For The Same Thing’ is a testament to the work that is needed to make the relationships that we consider important in our daily lives, healthier and more fulfilling, whether family, soulmates, partners, or council governments,” says lead singer Kelvin Swaby. “It’s the feeling of knowing the choices and events that affect our idea of a better day, and being part of those decisions, when we become complacent and comfortable, things fall apart and fighting for what’s right, made the future for generations ever brighter action is always required.”