Juri Hiensch


saul williams and king britt are unanimous goldmine

May 17, 2019
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Last fall, two old musical friends (and old friends of AFROPUNK), the poet/playwright/wordsmith extraordinaire Saul Williams and producer/DJ/audio auteur King Britt were invited by the great Philly musical artist Moor Mother, to collaborate at an experimental festival she was helping curate in Holland called Le Guess Who?. The men agreed, and somewhere along the line decided on a performance that was going to be fully improvised, with King creating soundscapes of all rhythms and multiple dimensions behind Saul, who would read the latest verses from his notebooks.

By the time Saul and King took to the LGW? stage on November 10th in Utrecht, the project had a name: Unanimous Goldmine. Now a recording of their hour-long performance has been made public by Red Bull Radio and betrays the night’s epic scale. Listen to two men going deep inside their artistry, their sounds and visions wrapping around each other, the public borders around Blackness crumbling with every bar and measure, the history of free labor, the flaws of nations, the geography of the sky all getting their rinse.

You be the judge of whether it works or not, if it’s Afrofuturism or afro-pessimism, future-jazz or techno spoken-word, critical fabulation or “the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.” It is for sure nothing less than extraordinary, and well worth your 62 minutes.