kiya lacey makes heartbroken fine art

May 29, 2019

We all have been shaped and influenced by the people we interact with — for many of us, that’s men but for all of us, it’s relationships. It’s the cutting and morphing you do that you can only attribute to someone else’s influence on your life that leaves you different in a way that can’t be denied.

Performance and recording artist, Kiya Lacey, takes on this very theme with director, Christian Cody in her newest video for “Give In”. It’s a dreamy confessional that yanks at the heartstrings and plays with your imagination. The visual is inspired by Yoko Ono’s performance piece, “Cut Piece.” The director, Christian Cody expounds on theme and inspiration behind the video, “The goal is to visually describe the resistance and compliance (the push and pull) of what it means to “Give In.”

The fine art slice of psychedelia is a powerful introduction to Lacey as an artist, and an even more powerful revealing of who she is a woman.