Nick Fancher


ho99o9 and ghostemane tear it up together

May 29, 2019

Jersey’s own Ho99o9 is one of the only bands out there that keeps getting better with each new release. Case in point: their latest collaboration with Ghostemane is a match made in heaven — or at least the pit. “Twist of Fate/Cobra” is massive, hardcore industrial jam, finally realizing the potential of the tragically under-appreciated Al Jourgensen/Ian Mackaye collaboration Pailhead. (I will die on the hill marked “Pailhead was Mackaye’s second best band”…)

Ghostemane’s contributions amplify the classic crossover thrash vibes that have been lurking on the fringes of Ho99o9’s music for a while now, before closing out with a distorted 808 beat that would fit in with any of the best cuts off the great Cyber Cop. It’s a new take on a throwback sound that brings out the best in both acts.

Ghostemane and Ho99o9 are set to head out on a month-long tour together, so hopefully this is only the first collaborative track of many.