celebrate steve lacy’s bday week with new tunes

May 21, 2019

Steve Lacy will be the next member of The Internet to drop a solo project this spring. The 20-year-old is set to release his latest album right after bandmate Matt Martian’s project, The Last Party, which he was featured on last month. 

Lacy has been teasing us with visuals of the album and even a single called “N Side” over the past few weeks. Tonight we got the biggest taste of the album leaving us with our bibs on, fork and knife in hand. Not only did we get ANOTHER groovy ass single called “Playground” but we were given a visual, featuring the one and only Abra! 

The video has caused quite a reaction of excitement and jealousy from his many admirers. A lot of us took the kiss personally, wondering if he lost our contact information and that’s why he didn’t book us? Well, if it couldn’t be us we’re happy it was Abra!

Download Steve Lacy’s singles and check out this video to hold you over till the album drop this May 24th!