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an african warrior queen travels through time in epic graphic novel

May 7, 2019
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Set in the year 2025, Malika – Fallen Queen: Part One sees a 15th century West African military commander flung into the future by magic. Forced out of hiding by The Olon Jin — ancient sorcerers imprisoned for their dark magic — a supernatural entity with two legendary dragons, Malika must embark on a journey to retrieve a powerful relic. It isn’t long before Malika is forced into action when she uncovers a sinister plot that threatens the realm and pre-dates even her 500-year-old legacy. Alongside Eliza Mantel, a young girl with untold powers, the two must take part in this ancient war before it topples humanity.

Created by Lagos-born writer/creator/art director Roye Okupe, Malika – Fallen Queen: Part One is a graphic novel and the follow-up to his epic The Warrior Queen Saga which follows Malika as her empire, Azzaz, clashes with the Ming Dynasty. It’s incredibly rich in historical elements with both imaginative and classic fantasy themes.

The popular series is expanding rapidly, with a web series in development, too. If you’re interested in checking this project out, head to Kickstarter to view the campaign and find out more.