how afropunk’s battle of the bands fuels our culture

May 13, 2019

A culture that stands still, stagnates. And our culture does not stagnate. It is self-replenishing, its natural talents rise to the fore — and the ones who came before, hold out a hand to the ones who follow. In short, this is why we created AFROPUNK’s Battle of the Bands and why, seven years later we believe it to be one of the AFROPUNK movement’s defining initiatives. It’s a simple deal: You show up and bring the truth, then we put you on the festival’s main stage.

Since the first AFROPUNK Battle of the Bands in Brooklyn in 2012, we’ve been all over the States — and all around the world. We’ve had rap MCs and punk bands, folk songwriters and Afro-soul crooners, and always a DJ or two to keep the beat going. We’ve packed rooms with mosh pits, stage divers and dance parties. We’ve had sponsors who give away gear, schwag and tons of advice. We’ve launched careers because of what went down on stage, and helped shape careers because of the conversations that took place off it.

Some names stand out more than others — The Skins, Tank & the Bangas, Unlocking the Truth, Samurai Shotgun, Oshun, Bob Vylan and Red Robyn — but all participants brought their support and found their community.

In 2019, we are aiming to make AFROPUNK Battle of the Bands bigger than ever, with competitions in Brooklyn, London, Atlanta and Johannesburg. But first, there’s Paris. There’s another week left to enter and win an opportunity to adorn the stage at La Seine Musicale — alongside not only three continents worth of superstars but also two previous Battle of the Bands winners — and to introduce yourself to tens of thousands of members of AFROPUNK’s global community.

So, click here to enter for a chance for you and your band to perform alongside Solange, Janelle Monae, Lizzo, Tank & the Bangas, Samurai Shotgun and more on the AFROPUNK Paris 2019 stage. And follow AFROPUNK on the socials for details on Battle of the Bands competitions near you. This is how culture moves forward.