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the trailer for netlfix’s ‘see you yesterday’ is an afrofuturist dream

April 22, 2019
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Black girlhood is notoriously overlooked in media. It’s a rarity to see a story that holds Black girlhood and the maturing an individual does as they reach adulthood in popular film be held at once. The space for coming of age has been overly represented by narratives about men and their growth. SEE YOU YESTERDAY is break from that particular norm, and a look into Black girlhood and life through a sci-fi and afrofuturist lens where time travel is possible, and the possibility to create altered, better destinies for ourselves and those we love.

Director Stefon Bristol was intentional about the shift in narrative, “The research and heavy use of technology in this film is very intentional because I am trying to portray Black teenagers in the hood who are academically and professionally motivated in the STEM field. We often see movies about young black people’s aspirations to be athletes or rappers. Which is not to say that those aspirations aren’t valid or achievable. It’s just that we need more stories that shows other aspirations that Black teenagers can obtain and still have a great, fulfilling life.”

SEE YOU YESTERDAY premieres on Netflix May 17th. Watch the trailer below.