black time-travelers set things right in this comic series

April 5, 2019

Immerse yourself in the afro-futuristic world of RET-CON, the newest comic book series from Glyph Award-winning indie comic imprint 133art. Written by Robert Jeffrey (DC Comic Writers Workshop) and illustrated by Jordi Perez (Top Cow’s Grand Theft Astro), the 20-page book is a first-class lesson in indie comic book storytelling.

Set in a world “ravaged by violent temporal ruptures” and governed by artificial intelligence, an elite RET:CON unit, the Slingshotters, is tasked with breach the time stream to repair the future before it’s too late. Led by Agent 4 am, the Slingshotters must engage in timeline alterations previously believed to cause universal catastrophe. Like going back in time to infiltrate the Wolfsschanze and kill Hitler.

The RET:CON comic is the project of New Orleans-native Jason Reeves, publisher, and illustrator of the OneNation series by 133art Publishing. For this special project, Reeves and the creative team need your help raising funds to bring RET:CON to full-color fruition. Head over to Kickstarter to learn more about the project and the ways in which you can support it, here.

Agent 4am is the consummate soldier. Astute, aggressive, allegiant, and best of all compliant. 4am believes in the RET:CON agency’s mission and will do anything, remove any obstacle, to see it through. He can see no flaw in the system… but what if that’s the problem?

While the RET:CON Engine keeps a watchful eye on the time stream, Pandora is the woman in charge of the Slingshotter’s well being.

Once a soldier herself, Pandora has risen through the ranks of the agency to become its lead physician. Her specialty is in time travel psychology, specifically treating its effects on the human brain. While the physical toll on Slingshotters is high, she finds that managing the mental effects of rigorous temporal transit is even more treacherous. Pandora has made it her mission to solve these issues to keep her soldiers physically safe and mentally healthy.

Don’t let Agent Noon’s aloof vibes and eclectic style fool you, she is one of most capable agents to come out of the RET:CON agency. She is the perfect time agent with extensive knowledge and expertise in temporal warfare. She’s a formidable pilot, certified in a wide array of weapons and time tech, stealth extraction, subterfuge and infiltration. Dedicated and fiercely loyal to her cause, Noon will do anything to save our future.

As the battle to save space and time continues, Midnight stands at its center as the biggest unknown quantity. Is he an ally? Or is this man another obstacle in the organization’s goal of saving our future?