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maya angelou encouraged us to live our best, fullest life

April 4, 2019
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Dr. Maya Angelou used her whole life. She did so in a way rarely seen in people that walk this earth for many reasons — some controllable and some out of our control. Dr. Angelou danced, she sang, she acted, she wrote, and spoke. And when she did any of these things, she filled the room with noise. A noise that was jubilant and affirmed those that gazed at her body or opened their ears to be transformed by her words. Even through literature, she created ideas and poetry that filled the silence of your life with miraculous noise. As we celebrate her birthday, understand that we all have bodies, talents, and silent empty spaces waiting to be filled up with our own beautiful noises. That’s how we honor Dr. Maya Angelou’s legacy by using our whole life and leaving nothing caged.