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turning white trolls into black gold

April 24, 2019
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One thing trolls are not is original. Rarely do the insults deviate too far from the regular *bleep*, *bleep*, and the ‘ole faithful: Go back to Africa.

This phrase has been constantly weaponized against Black people that critique America and show disdain for the country because of the various levels of white supremacy we must navigate in order to survive. The idea is that if we have such a hard time and bad feelings towards America, then we should exit never had any intellectual meat but the sting seems to satisfy racist trolls well enough for them to not explore better — maybe even more accurate — insults. This insult of course avoids the reality of chattel slavery and the fact that Black people never ‘came’ to America, we were stolen and relocated. This insult is nonsensical and ahistorical, but still, it persists.

Black & Abroad challenged this narrative with a campaign called GO BACK TO AFRICA which highlights Black Americans and other Black folks in the diaspora who are not native to Africa, visiting the motherland. The pictures are beautiful and totally puts the racist cliche on its head like only Black people can do. We did that.