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fka twigs is the avant-garde artist of our generation

April 26, 2019
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FKA twigs is a true one of a kind, punk-ass bitch. Which is probably why we at AFROPUNK are so geeked up to have the brilliant Brit grace our stages in Brooklyn and Atlanta this year. A cataclysmic avant-garde meets electro-pop love child, FKA twigs’ sound could best be described as, well, eclectic. A rather strange body of work, her first and so far only album LP1 is a breathtaking departure from reality that exists somewhere in the othersphere of imagination and intangible thought.

Within each soundscape, twigs bends the imagination by painting a surrealist audio experience that captivates and takes complete hold of you. With otherworldly bangers like the intoxicating “Lights On” to the distorted departures on “Two Weeks”, FKA twigs breaks ground as a storyteller who tests both her creative ingenuity and pushes her audience to the edge: musically and visually.

Not to mention her short film project M3LL155x which was an audio/visual masterpiece.

Babygirl hasn’t been releasing new music for the last couple of years though. Until now. And she’s bringing that hot fire to AFROPUNK for all of y’all to enjoy. Like the dreamy new “Cellophane.”

See FKA twigs perform live in Brooklyn and Atlanta this summer and fall at AFROPUNK Festival!