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happy 4/20: stoned mac & cheese recipe

April 20, 2019
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I’m a young professional and I am a pothead.

When I get home I do two things: I rip my clothes off NBA-style and then I pick up my vape cartridge and light up. Indica, Sativa, hybrid, you name it. Since the very first puff, me and Mary Jane have been kickin’ it after school like homies. My true blue friend. Cannabis helps me get through the day, handle my bullshit, and stay positive in this fucked up world. And while it continues to be stigmatized and fellow Black folks are still being incarcerated for using it, it’s time we stand brazenly together as cannabis users and proclaim recreational use for ourselves. Fuck the stigmas. And so this 4/20, I hope y’all celebrate by indulging in what is perhaps the healthiest way possible: by making edibles!

When I’ve had a hard day or I’m just feeling like I deserve a special treat, me and Mary Jane hit the kitchen.

For a personal serving, I grind up a least a gram into the finest powerderiest mixture it can be. You want all them molecules to be exposed to whichever fat you’re going to dissolve them into. In this case, we’re making boxed macaroni! Delicious! And it calls for two tablespoons of milk (I’m using whole for the milkfat content) and three tablespoons of butter. Add those ingredients to a medium-sized saucepan on medium heat. Watch that shit melt together. Stir. While the butter and milk heat up, send the cannabis through your grinder one more time. Once that’s done, toss it into the butter and milk mixture and crank the heat up just until boiling. You want that shit hot, but not burnt. Mix well.

As soon as the mixture starts to boil, bring the heat all the way down to a dull simmer. In fact, a barely there simmer. Hotter than warm, but not a simmer. Stir. Then let that shit marinate on the stove for AT LEAST one hour. Ya heard? ONE HOUR. Go roll a joint and roll around on the floor for a little bit. Once the hour is done, it’s time to get those noddles cooking.

Now, some people like to separate the water from their cannabutter mixture. I ain’t doin’ that. And we aren’t going to wait for it to solidify either. Yolo. So once your noodles are cooked, use a baking strainer to separate the butter from the cannabis leaves. Collect the butter and put it into a saucepan. Add the powdered cheese and macaroni noodles. Mix and enjoy that shit!

Be safe. I love you.


Box of macaroni and cheese (I’m using Annie’s – Real Cheddar Cheese)
1 gram cannabis
2 tablespoons milk (high-fat milk will work awesomely)
3 tablespoons butter
1 grinder (or a blender)
1 powder sifter (or cheese cloth)