Photo by Stephen Craford

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rapper mh the verb champions women’s voices in newest visual

March 28, 2019
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With the help of Philadelphia-based creatives glass artist Kim Thomas and flow artist/fire dancer Alicia Talia, MH the Verb emphasizes the importance of knowing our history to contextualize where we are today and how we can strive for a better tomorrow. Not to mention as an indispensable tool for recognizing oppressive systems and patterns so we are better able to stomp them out. Or, in the case of women breaking new ground in male-dominated fields, how we can use the glass-breakers before us to write ourselves into the history books now.

“I used the lyrics to drop knowledge and speak on social justice issues that present in my experiences as s Black man in America,” MH the Verb tells AFROPUNK. “The financial system, mass incarceration, technology, health… but the last phrase of the 1st verse sums up the theme of the song.”

“Africans built pyramids
Can’t change the history
That’s no Epiphany
We can’t all fit the mold of Penitentiary.”

“The video is a continuation of my AFRONAUT series featuring unique artists and creators of futuristic subculture.”