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meet the first ethiopian super heroine in ‘hawi’

March 26, 2019
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Ethiopia is getting its first woman superhero and, boy, was she worth the wait. Inspired by the history of Queen Yodit Gudit, Hawi centers around a young woman called Ement Legesse who is tasked with rescuing her mother after she is abducted. The second release in the past year by Etan Comics founder Beserate Debebe, the series employs talented local artists who are distinctly qualified to capture the magical visuals and legacy of Ethiopian history and culture. Inspired by his Ethiopian roots, Hawi is about returning to where you are from and finding the courage to rise above challenges in a way that only you are able to — whether literally or figuratively.

Although ‘Hawi’ is complete, you can help back this project retroactively on Kickstarter.