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lmaooo they’re trying to sue ‘hamilton’ for casting black people in black roles?

March 25, 2019
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I report to you a real-life instance not from The Onion but from the actual world in which we live. Hamilton could be sued for casting Black actors and not white ones for Black roles. 

I repeat. 

Hamilton (the musical). Could be sued (the law ting). Because they don’t cast white people in Black roles (a PIVOTAL part of the show). 

Anyone that knows Hamilton, knows that diversity is its biggest charm. Lin Manuel Miranda reimagines the story of Alexander Hamilton with color-conscious casting like having non-white actors play the founding fathers.

Ok, here’s the back story.

Byron Allen’s Entertainment Studios Network claims that Charter Communications, one of the biggest cable operators in the United States, refuses to carry Allen’s (Black-owned) cable channels.  Allen is suing Charter in a 10 BILLION dollar (that’s 10 Kylie Jenners) lawsuit.

Charter defended itself from the claim, saying they “have a First Amendment right to incorporate racial considerations in the characteristics it assesses when deciding what type of programming to carry.”

AND,  if Allen were to win, then they can sue Hamilton for its refusal to cast white actors as the founding fathers.

Yup, trash.

I say let’s bring this game of “if, then” one step further. If they want to sue Miranda for Hamilton, then we can sue virtually every movie and play producer in the history of show business in the western world, as most lack proper inclusion of non-white people.

This may be the boldest, most professional case of yt people crying reverse racism that I have ever seen.

Charter may be pissed that Black people are the only ones allowed to play Founding Fathers in Hamilton but I’m pissed that White people are the only Founding Fathers. My lawyer will be in contact. Kk?