gone solo, blxpltn’s tasz muerte gets introspective

March 20, 2019
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Best known as the firebrand singer of AP favorites BLXPLTN, TaSzlin Muerte showcases an introspective side on his new solo project, A B01. The gothic tinges of “See Through” will be familiar to fans who checked out his collaboration with Dark Palaces on the excellent “Wasp’s Nest.” But the solo project’s piano-driven, chilled out vibes and atmospheric vocals are definitely a departure from BLXPLTN’s fist-to-the-system sound. The accompanying video, directed by Ben Snyder is haunting, bittersweet, and beautiful. “See Through” is billed as “Chapter 1.” What comes next we can only anticipate, but with his A B01 project, TaSz Muerte continues pushing the boundaries of what punk is and can be.