a better future for afropunk

March 27, 2019

Being critiqued is uncomfortable. Being critiqued in public is even more uncomfortable. The most uncomfortable part is resisting the need to explain your goodness and instead, in humility, admit your wrongdoings and use the moment of accountability to do better. The AFROPUNK festival season is upon us and we’re rolling out the first steps to make AFROPUNK the space our community deserves — this includes the festival, the digital space, and our office environment. This is just the beginning, but we had to start somewhere to let you all know we love you, we hear you, and we see you. And we’re committed to doing better.

These are our AFROPUNK tenets and what they mean to us along with where we hope to go. We made choices that failed our own AFROPUNK standards and the community we serve. This is not the fix, but the beginning of making a better digital world, office environment, and festival experience for our community.