'Knives and Skin'

Film / TV

this feminist noir is re-framing y.a. narratives

February 7, 2019

Described as a feminist noir, filmmaker Jennifer Reeder’s newest feature-length project Knives and Skin is piquing global interest. A teen thriller that follows the disappearance of a young girl in a rural Midwest town and how it affects the people around her. And as the mystery unfolds, three girls — Afra, April, and Joanna — develop a close bond through a series of traumas during their sophomore year in a racially divided community.

Knives and Skin is a gripping exploration of girlhood and grief. Featuring an ensemble cast based in Chicago, the film stars Marika Engelhardt and Kate Arrington alongside newcomers Grace Smith, Ireon Roach, Kayla Carter and Ty Olwin.