the liza colby sound reps garage-soul-punk’s future

February 1, 2019
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Liza Colby was made in the immortal mold of Tina Turner, back when she was fronting Ike’s Kings of Rhythm, and Lisa Kekaula, of the criminally under-appreciated Bellrays: a kick-ass front-woman who brings old-school soul revue energy to a timeless garage-punk sound. And it’s been a few minutes since New York City has seen a band like her quartet, The Liza Colby Sound, who rip up the classic Maximum R&B, “three chords + some heartbreak” songbook, in order to rewrite it from scratch.

Which is exactly what the new Liza Colby Sound single, “Thunder Rolling,” sounds like — a throwback blues chugger that evokes quarter jukeboxes, leather jackets and mini-skirts, and backyard shows with outdoor ‘cue pits and broken beer bottles. As you can tell from Kia Warren’s video, the whole thing begins with Colby, an unstoppable performer whose go-go moves and bravado push her into a rarified space. Liza Colby Sound are set to drop a more metallic, full-length album and take their show on the road to Europe. So now seems like the perfect time get to know this explosive soul-punk crew.

Liza Colby Sound’s album, Object To Impossible Destination, is set to drop this Spring — check for  details about it and their tour schedule.