gaika blesses fans with intense duo of songs

February 23, 2019

AFROPUNK alum GAIKA is back with a duo of tracks under the title of “Seven Churches For St. Jude.” A brooding collection of music, the track of the same title is a hard-hitting hip hop track that presents itself as a confrontational force as a wall of sound crashes into you. And although the lyrics are barely distinguishable, it doesn’t seem to interfere with the listening experience as the complicated sounds transmit meaning and intention almost non-verbally. And if that’s not enough to satisfy, GAIKA blesses friends with a bonus track called “1800 Fendi.”

“Seven Churches For St. Jude” originally appeared on the 2018 album BASIC VOLUME, but the Rob Hepp co-directed video is only now making its debut. “The video for “Seven Churches for St Jude” is a piece about mental survival in an age of disaster media inundation,” Heppell explains. “The last few years have seen the hydra heads of reactionary extremism bubble up through cracks that used to be called conspiracy theorists, lifting the tectonic plates of global politics and diluting reality with weaponised fantasy.”