afropunk premiere: mahawam’s “longpotty,” a club anthem for the socially exhausted

February 27, 2019
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We’ve all experienced it. The moment when you start to accept that this isn’t going to be one of those magical, transcendent, eyes-lock-across-the-bar-and-you-change-each-other’s-lives-forever kind of nights. This is going to be one of those “why did I leave my apartment? I have wine there. And cats. And better music. And seriously, please just stop talking to me” kind of nights. With their latest single,”Longpotty,” musician/producer Mahawam has created the ultimate club anthem for the socially exhausted.

Built off a ballroom beat, the electro production continuously intrudes on Mawahawm’s wry vocal delivery, like the dude who won’t take a hint. It’s smart, funny, fun, and — in a triumph of form over irony — begging to played on the dance floor.

Mahawam tells tells us the song is “about the repetitiveness of “going out” and how nightlife can be as exhausting as it’s intended to be fun. Flirtatious interactions that go south and get weird. Odd conversations that last a little too long. And the occasional look from across the room that mechanically or magically leads two people to a dark corner where they can act on their urges. I think it’s important to bring some levity to these situations because it’s very easy to let the ups and downs of being social wear on you and make you forget that everybody has the same awkward experiences in clubs, bars, backyard gatherings or whatever, especially when you’ve made it your job. I wanted to bring something danceable to that car or train ride home afterward that speaks to the DJs, gogos, photographers, bartenders, hosts, performers and the crowd like, “Girl, I’m tired too. Let’s laugh about it though. Same time next week?””