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yasmin james fought the legacy of colonial oppression

January 10, 2019
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Recently at a McDonald’s in South St. Petersburg, Florida, a Black woman named Yasmin James, working behind the restaurant’s counter, rightfully defended herself against a white colonizer named Daniel Taylor. Taylor argued with James, and had dared to try to physically assault her, but this sista certainly wasn’t having none of it, as she proceeded to lay the smackdown on his ass, The video of this encounter went viral.

At one point during his vicious attack, Daniel Taylor admitted the reason why he resorted to continue the tradition of colonial white violence against Black people that day was because James refused to serve him and that “he couldn’t control her.”

After being humiliated by getting a well-deserved ass-whopping, Taylor proceeded to yell at the mostly Black staff, demanded a refund, and for Yasmin James to be terminated while also spewing racial slurs at her, before being escorted out of the store. He then returned to physically assault yet another working-class Black woman.

One of the main thoughts I had when I briefly saw the video was, Why was that McDonald’s in St. Pete’s south-side Black community in the first place? The answer is simple: corporate chains like McDonald’s are deliberately put into the Black community by city governments across the country as tools for parasitic capitalist extraction from the Black community, sucking up community resources, then leaving in a hurry.

Secondly, why did these cowardly negroes try to stop her from fighting back against this white colonizer? The answer is simple: they didn’t wanna piss off their massa by trying to defend the sista and fight the colonizer inside the fast-food joint.

As expected of any white person, Daniel Taylor was given a slap on the wrist by being charged with two counts of misdemeanor assault and held on $1,000 bond. Let’s be honest, if this was a Black man assaulting a white employee, he would have been given serious charges (felony assault) and held in jail under a ridiculous bond amount that makes it difficult to get out.

The colonial violence against Yasmin James is not some isolated incident but part of an ongoing assault against Black people over several centuries. The reactionary members of the Black community — especially those in “the conscious community” who have commented on this incident — fail to see the bigger picture: that the attack on sista Yasmin James from the white colonizer Daniel Taylor is a continuation of that the long-standing history.

I absolutely commend the sista Yasmin James for what she did because she too continued a long tradition, that of Black people fighting back against and resisting colonial white oppression. Because there are plenty of other strong sistas like Yasmin James, women such as Assata Shakur, Sandra Bland, Korryn Gaines, and others who have took a stand against their oppressors.

The parasitic white feminist and opportunistic Black feminists who want to write off this incident as “an act of gendered violence” need to ask themselves if they really think this white male colonizer would have reached over and grabbed a white female employee the same way that he did Yasmin James?

There’s no such thing such as “men in general” or “women in general,” because there are two different American realities. White oppressors are living at the expense of the poor and oppressed members of the Black community; because all the dreams, aspirations, and luxuries that white people currently have, come at the expense of Black people, whose own dreams and aspirations are stolen from them every day by the colonial social system.

Note: Yasmin James fiercely fought off this white colonizer by giving him first-round, Mike Tyson style blows to the face because she’s a former boxer that never backed down from anyone and damn sure didn’t back down from Daniel Taylor that day.

In conclusion, I am always a fan of seeing these strong courageous sistas like Yasmin James fighting back against their white colonizers, and I feel that we as brothas need to step our game up and go as hard to defend and protect these sistas just as much as we go hard for basketball and football.easy for a