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terence nance: ‘space jam 2’ to disrupt everything

January 11, 2019

Literally just in time to wash clean the now-tainted legacy of Space Jam, indie director Terence Nance and Black Panther’s Ryan Coogler are preparing the cult classic for a 21st-century sequel. For Space Jam 2, the pair of creative visionaries linking for the project presents the possibility of an epic, genre-bending rollercoaster directed by Nance and produced by Coogler.

Both directors have been very purposeful in the stories they tell, be it taking on police violence in Fruitvale Station to Black existentialism in Random Acts of Flyness. Nance — who created the latter — is known for crafting mind-twisting narratives through a variety of mediums, including animation and claymation. Regardless of the vehicle, Nance’s work explores nuanced social issues in cleaver, unapologetic ways. Likewise, Ryan Coogler has made a career of telling Black stories in a way that captures the social zeitgeist. It’s hard to imagine anything less than stellar from this blossoming collaboration. If you thought the 1996 version was trippy, prepare for some experimental weirdness and Black surrealism meets Afrofuturism in part 2.

“Pretty sure [it’s] going to disrupt everything,” Nance has said. “I’m excited about what […] that movie can be.” But he remained tight-lipped on the details. So far, LeBron James is slated to star in the film alongside Eric Bauza who will be taking over Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd, but no word on role reprisals by Bill Murray, Danny DeVitto or others just yet.