seeking an andre 3000 album in new ‘high life’ trailer

January 17, 2019
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High Life appears to be a sci-fi horror, probably bridging Stanley Kubrick’s 2000 and A24’s Hereditary, that will be slightly disturbing for a few and Oscar fodder for many. I’ll probably see  it stoned and it will excite me artistically and upset me politically, but for now I need answers to the true horror mystery that has haunted my life: is Andre Benjamin planning on doing everything, but releasing new music?

I understand he feels music may be a young man’s sport, but it’s also a mature man’s vocation. I’m so interested in where his mind and anxieties are, and his musical sensibilities. Is he still funky? Is he more jazzy? Has he returned to a more trap sensibility mixed with self-reflective lyrics? I must know.

Yet here I am, watching a film trailer starring Robert Pattinson secretly anticipating a glimpse of Three Stacks — or better yet — him humming or rapping to himself. The film looks great, but an Andre 3000 produced soundtrack can make it even better. High Life comes to theaters April 12th.