get your life with lizzo’s “juice”

January 18, 2019
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Feeling like a gross piece of crap? LIZZO is here to heal your soul with her latest visual, “Juice”! A self-celebratory anthem if ever there was one, “Juice” is an empowering reminder that you’re the shit. Directed by Quinn Wilson in the throwback-inspired visual that pays homage to Jane Fonda’s workout tapes and Jheri Curl commercials, and the home shopping network. LIZZO is the Fairy Slay Mother of your dreams. Sent from late night television heaven to give you the confidence and strength you need to see the fabulousness in yourself. The Ricky Reed-produced “Juice” is all about self-love . You cute and you know it? Then gon’ ‘head, girl, strut yourself. Wether or not the rest of the world knows it, Lizzo’s got your back. Come and get your life with “Juice”, below.