afropunk travel: away to africa

December 17, 2018
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As we connect the AFROPUNK communities from around the world, it’s important to us that we let you know about a unique travel experience, which is the best value for your money, and will support your journey before the trip and when you land on the ground. Our goal is to make AFROPUNK the most amazing travel adventure possible. This year we’ve partnered with travel companies that provide unique, immersive travel experiences and itineraries — and that include authentic celebrations of Black history and culture. Companies such as Away to Africa, who have put together an incredible package for you to explore the continent before or after the festival.

Away to Africa’s all-inclusive AFROPUNK itinerary lets you choose from six different packages, allowing you to spend your entire end-of-the-year break on the continent, experience the Festival in Joburg, and keep going beyond the new year. It will be a wide-ranging trip of a lifetime, if you so choose.

Away to Africa packages run from December 21st, 2018 through January 5th, 2019. These can include a pre-festival, island-hopping excursion through Zanzibar, where you’ll explore natural wonders off Africa’s East Coast; or three-days stay in and around the cultural capital of Cape Town, with trips that will introduce you to the area’s world-famous vineyards and also let you walk Nelson Mandela’s footsteps on Robben Island; or arrive in Johannesburg just ahead of AFROPUNK Joburg 2019, just in time to make your way around the city’s great arts neighborhoods, and take a trip to Soweto before partying on New Year’s Eve. You can start 2019 off right with a day-trip to Nirox Sculpture Park, or a three-day trip to take in the natural beauty of Mpumalanga, in northeastern South Africa. You can do all of the above — or pick and choose your experience.

Away to Africa is dedicated to providing guided, cultural tours throughout select countries in Africa, offering personalized small-group travel packages for a flat fee that includes lodging, gourmet traditional food, cultural tours and a company representative who travels on the road with the group 24/7 to ensure a safe, enjoyable experience for all of our travelers. Away To Africa guarantees Payment Plan Options, Visas and Transit Documents, Ground Transportation for entire trip, cultural tour guides, 24/7 concierge, local cell phones for personal use upon arrival in Africa, opportunities to participate in community outreach.

For more information on the Away to Africa Meets AFROPUNK package, visit their website.