video premiere: teamarrr’s “one job” is visual fire

November 15, 2018
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Hopefully, you’ve already heard “One Job,” the incredible debut single by Haitian-American singer/songwriter TeaMarrr, that airs out her man’s habits (or lack thereof) with a raw lyricism that is only matched by Producer_Wicks’ hot-ass, quasi-dancehall beat. But now comes the new video, directed by James Bland and starring LaLa Milan (BET’s Boomerang) and Jean Elie (HBO’s Insecure), which hilariously and colorfully ups the vibe — and gives TeaMarrr an opportunity to scratch her acting itch, while taking the fuck-off to a whole new level.

The Los Angeles-based artist’s stage name is an acronym that shines a light on her work — Totally Enthused About Making Really Really Raw — regardless of the medium. So AFROPUNK asked TeaMarrr to tell us a little bit about the conception of the video, and where it’s coming from. Here’s what she wrote back:

The “One Job” music video was inspired by my natural desire to create a visual that expresses me in a multitude of ways — acting, fashion, and dancing — while also expressing my Haitian heritage through color, set, language, and design.

I wanted to act before I wanted to do music, so being able to flex a bit of my acting abilities for this video in my native tongue (Creole) was just a hilarious walk in the park. Having Jean Elie in the video was so fun, too — something about Haitians coming together always feels like a family cookout.

James Bland the director was amazing with his vision and his way of executing my personality and story, all while keeping the four key elements in the video — Earth, Wind, Fire and Water — which I always want displayed somehow in my visuals so it was cool seeing him tackle the challenge.

And LaLa is a trip. It was sooo cool seeing her freestyle her scene just like that, super inspiring.

Keep an eye out for TeaMarrr’s debut full-length album, Tea Turns to Wine, coming soon on Position Music.