stacey abrams: no vote will go uncounted

November 7, 2018
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Stacey Abrams is fighting right up until the very last second.  In an address to her supporters, she assured the crowd: “We are going to make sure every single vote is counted.” That has been her mission from the beginning, to make every vote count.

A substantial amount of the votes that still need to be counted, including absentee ballots, are coming from Democratic strongholds. Thousands had to vote through a provisional ballot in order to circumvent Republican opponent Brian Kemp’s multiple attempts at suppression. Abrams is still fighting for the voices waiting to be heard because, in her words, “Democracy works for those who work for it.” The Abrams campaign maintains that the votes still coming in will likely lead to a run-off election.

Whatever happens, she is the Governor Georgia deserves. Do not give up your hope, because she has not.


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