hyro the hero brings radical fire on ‘flagged channel’

November 9, 2018
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They keep fucking with the innocent
Treat us different even though we citizens
Fight back now they trynna call us militant
When we just voice our opinion

Hyro The Hero is not fucking around. Backed by a band that combines some nu-metal riffage with post-hardcore intensity, Hyro spits radical fire on “Bullet.” It’s a provocation to rise up against the violence of the system, harkening back to Rage Against The Machine at the heights of its power. “Bullet” is also the lead track off the Houston punk-rapper’s latest full length, Flagged Channel, an album that’s half call-to-action, and half soundtrack of a rebellion in progress.

If so much of the first wave of nu-metal was about a sort of non-directional white male rage, Hyro the Hero’s music laser-focuses that “fuck everything” energy on systemic racist violence, the heavy, down-tuned riffs and distorted vocals take on a new dimension. Flagged Channel’s highlights — “Killas Are Comin,” “Get The Fuck Up,” and “Never Back Down” — drape his anarcho-leaning politics in an anarcho-leaning sound where anything goes. It’s a powder keg of intensity, and pulls off the impressive feat of sustaining a revolution-minded energy for 12 songs without either repeating itself or becoming tired. This is definitely the kind of record you want to play as loud as possible.

Hyro The Hero is playing Headbanger’s Con in Portland, OR, on November 10-11. There’s also gonna be an appearance by the legendary Corey Glover of Living Colour at the con, so, if you’re near, GO!