Punk Champagne (ft. TONE)


Big Dada


uk singer farai pops open some “punk champagne”

October 26, 2018

Fuck that pink champagne— we want the punk champagne.

This rad new track from Farai “Bukowski-Bouquet” is a defiant kiss off to the “poor rich girls” and “poor rich boys” all “drowning in First World problems.” The Zimbabwe-born, London-based singer/rapper mixes post-punk, grime, and hip-hop for a sound that’s simultaneously ferocious and jubilant — which is fitting for an artist whose name literally means “joy” in Shona. Joined on the project by producer TONE, with whom she bonded over their shared pan-African heritage (he’s Afro-Guyanese and Welsh), Farai creates a cocktail of punk directness and flourishes of soulful warmth.  “It’s time for the bright young things to rise,” she sings early in the song. Damn right. It’s time for y’all to rise.

Farai’s fierce full-length debut, Rebirth, is out on Big Dada Records on November 30th.