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the seshen’s “eidolon” is a reminder to re-empower

October 3, 2018
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It’s hard not to feel beat down a lot of the time right now. It can be harder still to find the will to keep fighting when you can’t see the results of your struggle. Or when the payoff is, at best, years down the road. But the sprawling Oakland collective The Seshen‘s latest track is here to remind you of your own power and give you the energy to cope.

Eidolon by The Seshen

Singer Lalin St. Juste and producer Akiyoshi Ehara twist together an electro-soul labyrinth that’s somehow both uplifting and angular. Over three minutes, the track grows from plea to anthem. One by one, the lost pieces fit in and then it evaporates.

In an e-mail, St. Juste explains the impetus for the song: “I’m here trying to cope. I wrote ‘Eidolon’ as a response to those who continue to use their wealth, political status, and influence for their own benefit and at the detriment of others. This song comes as a reminder that resistance is constant and that with every action there is a reaction. Make no mistake: the seemingly powerless are the most powerful.”

“Eidolon” is available on The Seshen’s Bandcamp page