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now will they listen to black women?

October 9, 2018
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October 6th was a difficult day.

The lead up to Kavanaugh’s confirmation was a whirlwind of trauma relived, of disbelief and indignation (from both sides of the aisle), before eventually culminating in Republicans finally getting their guy. Honestly, the situation looks mighty grim.

For Black women, days like these are not new — and as much as there is proof of a shift away from us being the emotional mules of the world (thank goodness), the mere existence of Black women comforting ourselves and each other already felt like a cool balm for a weary soul.

Ava DuVernay shared the power of a human moment through tweets describing three affirming encounters following the confirmation announcement.

Gabrielle Union let the anger OUT before wielding the “Black Woman Pivot”,  turning that angry energy into action-minded rhetoric. And by action, we mean voting… of course.

Zendaya was asking the important questions…

Democratic Senator from California Kamala Harris reminded us to keep fighting and that we should never forget who and what lead us here. Harris came prepared with facts in a bid to combat the Kavanaugh camp’s post-win rhetoric of still labeling Dr. Ford a liar even though the successful nomination did not, in fact, prove the Judge was not guilty.

If Black women weren’t reminding each other and allies to take a moment for ourselves, they were recycling any trace of fury and helpless energy into action; and, like activist Brittany Packnett, reminding the masses that the fight is far from over.

Black women are magical, but, in the words of Jesse Williams, “That doesn’t mean we’re not real.” Our low standing on the socio-economic hierarchy means that liberating ourselves goes hand-in-hand with liberating other marginalized communities. We know the game better than anyone.

Listen to Black women.

Get angry. Get organized.

Go vote!