afropunk atl: long distance is a mother

October 25, 2018

I’ve been going to AFROPUNK since 2011 and still haven’t found the cure to my post-festival blues. The closest I’ve come to a remedy is engorging myself in every bit of festival content while listening to a playlist of every artist who played the festival. Sounds healthy to me. Join me in my personal sunken place! It’s sick.

We begin with a video of Pharrell, the man so cool he goes by two names and we just ignore it.  It’s honestly very strange for me to watch a video of my ex-husband doing his thing on stage but I know how much it means to you all. I watched this video 20 times to make sure it was worth showing you. My sacrifice knows no end. I am a hero so that you don’t have to be. Enjoy!

Video by Dennis Manuel for AFROPUNK

Next up, Noname! You’re all probably thinking, “Ah! Noname! Sweet angel! This is gonna make my day!” Wrong. This video might be the saddest thing I’ve ever seen and a good representation of life kicking us all in the ass. The video begins so hopeful. A beautiful, smiley Noname doing what she does best: snatching souls with her melodies. As the video progresses you hear the crowd singing the words back to Noname, a true familial moment. At this point our hearts are melted, we’re in this euphoric moment for the long haul. Then… it happens. Noname says, “Stop.” And in that moment my heart does. Her set ends, and I’m left with the harsh realization that nothing lasts forever. Lol have a good day y’all!

Video by Dennis Manuel for AFROPUNK

Okay, this one is a personal fave. The miracle of life is the most beautiful thing in the world so watching my coworker and friend Manushka being birthed at The Internet’s set was a moment I’ll never forget. I can’t believe she has FIVE parents!!! It’s hard to spot her in the video cause her outfits lowkey so make sure to really look for her!

Video by Dennis Manuel for AFROPUNK

I love you so much Atlanta!!! Thanks for the memories and see you next year! Till then I will be unhealthily looking at each and every photo and video and listening to every song I heard over the fabulous weekend. In case you were unsure, this is indeed a cry for help!