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michelle obama unveils global program to educate girls

October 11, 2018
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Our dream presidential draft pick, former First Lady Michelle Obama went on NBC’s Today Show this morning to launch the Obama Foundation’s Global Girls Alliance in commemoration of #InternationalDayOfTheGirl.

The initiative continues Michelle’s advocacy for children through an alliance that will connect grassroots organizations and leaders  who are working to educate adolescent girls, with resources that enable and encourage community-driven change. “The stats show that when you educate a girl, you educate a family, a community, and a country,” she said from the stage in Rockefeller Plaza.

“The reasons for this are many, including scarce resources, early pregnancies, dangerous commutes, and threats of violence,” wrote Mrs. Obama in a CNN Op-Ed released to mark the occasion. “Equally pernicious is something they’re taught from an early age the belief that because they’re girls, they’re simply unworthy of an education. It’s the same toxic mindset that keeps girls here in the United States from believing they can become computer scientists or CEOs. And it’s a mindset that together, we’ve got to change.”

The Global Girls Alliance initiative looks to work with other international organizations already educating girls, essentially expanding the field and fostering the kind of collaboration that can build capacity for change. You can also be a part of the change, as the Obama Foundation has joined forces with GoFundMe to create a social fundraising platform so that anyone can support girls from anywhere in the world. “We’ve instituted a rigorous process to identify projects that need support, so whether you’re giving a portion of your paycheck or a dollar from a lemonade stand, we don’t take it lightly that you’re donating your hard-earned money to this cause,” writes Michelle.

“If we care about climate change, if we care about poverty,” if we care about any of the very many pivotal issues we’re facing today, then we care about education,” said the former First Lady this morning. Substantial and lasting change does involve us working together, and the Obamas and their foundation are making it easier for all of us to take responsibility for girl children all over the world, for the sake of our shared future.

The Obamas may not be in the White House, but they’re still here, fighting for the change they worked on during their tenure, and as reminders that the fight is far from over.

Happy International Day Of The Girl!