chelsea handler: white women voters, cut the sh*t

October 23, 2018
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Funnywoman Chelsea Handler went on Ellen last week to repent for her sins. Sins, you say? You bettcha—white lady sins! Calling out the privilege both she and fellow white lady, Ellen, experience. Handler reminded viewers that white women have a unique voice in a society that should be used to help advance women of color, too. GASP! Not just “all women!” But specifically Black and brown women.

Chelsea Handler isn’t our White Liberal Friend by any means, but good on her for speaking out for the communities that could benefit from her access. During the appearance, Handler called out the 54 percent of white women voters who voted for Trump in 2016 and reminded Ellen’s viewers that it’s up to them the way the pendulum swings.

“We always have to look to Black women. Black women always vote in their best interest… Black women vote in their best interest, always, historically. They always know what’s up and we have to be sisters to them. We have to vote in their best interests, as well.”

We been tried to tell y’all, but better late than never, yeah?



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